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I am so excited you are here because it means you are looking to add something more to your auction, benefit, or fundraiser. I am the someone that can bring that "je ne sais quoi" to your event. I put my passion into compassion, and I have the ability to connect deeply with your cause and your donors.

You, like me, know a successful event brings our communities together. That is what we do–we do for the good of all humankind.  

That’s why your cause gives me great purpose. To help those in need by bringing people together for one common goal.

Hi, I’m Marsha Tucker.

Lets Partner- 

Marsha Tucker Hat Lady Auctioneer Texas

Benefit Auction 

Specialist (BAS)

Marsha Tucker Hat Lady Auctioneer Texas 2.png

Planning &


Marsha Tucker Hat Lady Auctioneer Texas3.png

Licensed Auctioneer

Marsha Tucker Hat Lady Auctioneer Texas4.png


Ringman (PRI)

for Your Benefit!



I’ve had the privilege of working with Ms. Marsha Tucker over the past year in numerous Benefit Auctions. Marsha’s enthusiasm and professionalism are amazing to see in action, and she has tremendous potential to be a rockstar as a Benefit Auction Specialist and NAA Auctioneer!

–Scotty D. Gibbs, BAS, PRI, TCAP

  Aim High Fundraising & Benefit Auction Service, LLC


Licenses & Affiliations

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