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Auction and Benefit Services

Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS)

Compassion is my passion.


I am a trained and licensed Benefit Auction Specialist. That means, I trained with leaders in the field of fundraising auctions, and have made a commitment to this calling. Less than 1% of all auctioneers have the BAS designation–that’s only 210* auctioneers in the world! 

As a Benefit Auction Specialist, my job is to:

  • Entertain your audience. I ensure every person at your event is engaged and feels like a part of something bigger. 

  • Help your guests connect with your cause, motivating them to give more.

  • Learn the ins and outs of your organization, mission, and goals.

  • All these skills elevate my innate ability to excite your donors and get them bidding and supporting you for years to come.

    *As of May, 2022

Licensed Auctioneer

Raise excitement–raise bids!


As a professional, licensed auctioneer, I engage your entire audience through humor and emotional call of support. I know how important it is for your guests to not only have an entertaining experience but to feel included and part of something bigger.


I know that connection with your audience is vital to success. I take an average fundraiser and turn it into a unique and impactful live auction event. A natural entertainer, I warm up your crowd, advocate your mission, and open up hearts–and raise bids. I promote your organization as if it was my own. 

Let’s get your crowd in the giving spirit!

Planning and Execution

I bring life to your event–and I can help plan it.


I approach each engagement as a partnership and an opportunity to transform your event into a first-class experience. 


I offer customized, solution-oriented consulting, which means end-to-end involvement–before, during, and after your event. I familiarize myself with the history and mission of your organization so that I can become a subject matter expert on your behalf.


My attention to detail and creative thinking assures that the only surprises you'll have on your big night are the good kind. I help maximize your time and money to build an experience that motivates and electrifies your supporters. Together, we’ll create those poignant moments that inspire your donors to fund your mission.

Professional Ring Person (PRI)

Hats in the ring–bids on the table!


Your donors are crucial to your cause–your crowd is vital to your event. A ring person (or ringman) is an auction professional, typically a licensed auctioneer, that understands how to electrify your audience. We are the lynchpin between your guests and the auctioneer and we keep the party moving and fun.


Your auctioneer can’t see every bidder simultaneously or have a one-on-one conversation with them. It’s my job to speak to each bidder, learn of any concerns about bidding again, and see how high they’re willing to go. 


It’s also my job to get a bidder’s attention when the party around them is in full swing! Ring persons are the energy bolt that keeps your guests wanting more–and wanting to give more.


I am a graduate of the Professional Ringmen’s Institute (PRI), the premier training institute in the U.S. dedicated to training and preparing individuals to serve the auction industry. 

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Please note, I will never share or sell your information to any outside vendor/party.

What My Clients Say...

aim high fundraising star logo.png

–Scotty D. Gibbs, BAS, PRI, TCAP

Aim High Fundraising & Benefit Auction Service, LLC

I’ve had the privilege of working with Ms. Marsha Tucker over the past year in numerous Benefit Auctions. Marsha’s enthusiasm and professionalism are amazing to see in action, and she has tremendous potential to be a rockstar as a Benefit Auction Specialist and NAA Auctioneer!

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